Wireless Networks

"Our wireless solutions will give you piece of mind, security and reliability"

Fusion delivers secure, reliable, flexible wireless networks - which are resilient to failure. All wireless solutions are analysed, designed and configured to meet the requirements of the organisation exactly. The solution will be cost-effective, giving clear business gains for your investment.
Wireless networking is an enabler for business. It is, of course, extremely flexible and can be deployed virtually anywhere, to allow workers to roam throughout a building or campus, without the constraints of being hard-wired into the network infrastructure. Wireless networks can also be deployed and expanded on, with relative ease, removing the time and hassle of cabling and testing the traditional wired solution. This mobility can bring significant productivity gains to an organisation's operations.

Wireless networks can now be secured at a high level, with many industry experts arguing that they are actually more secure than traditional wired networks, if configured correctly. This allows wireless to really deliver on its positive benefits, without being limited through security concerns.

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